Studio work is an important part of the MaHS and MaUSP programs. For the MaHS, the core of the first semester is an intensive design studio, whereas the second semester students can opt for either a design studio thesis or a research thesis. More information and examples of studio work can be found on the studios page.

To complete the MaHS, students can choose to develop a full research or design thesis in the second semester under the guidance of a promotor. Specific topics in contexts from all over the globe are offered. Students who choose to take part in the design studio further complement their studio work with a research paper. To complete the MaUSP a final thesis project is expected in line with the students' choice of track (Urbanism or Planning).

Optional courses are offered from various disciplines, ranging from Urbanism and Planning to Anthropology and Geography. MaHS students have to choose courses until a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 66 credits is reached. MaUSP students have double the credits (120 ECTS) and have an equally varied pool of optional courses to choose from, inclusing courses from EMU partner universities if students are accepted into this option.