Action research
17 May 2019, 19:00-21:00
Auditorium STUK, naamsestraat 96 3000 Leuven

Action Research by SUPERSUDACA

Speakers: Juan Pablo Corvalan (Chile), Stephane Damsin (Belgium) , Felix Madrazo (Mexico), Max Zolkwer (Argentina), Sofia Saavedra Bruno ( Bolivia/Belgium)

Bio: Supersudaca (a word combination of virtue and immigrant insult for latins) has through its years made a profile that is increasingly diverse in subjects affecting our environment while embracing however a main question: how to be hopeful against world crudeness? Supersudaca advocates for the use of different formats for each topic and uses humor and attitude to talk about serious matters. Caribbean Tourism, China's exports, Direct Actions in public space and housing for all are some of the recurrent themes being explored from Tokyo to Talca, from Cancun to Cambodia, from Ceuta to Yiwu.