Augmented Landscapes, in search of the resilience of the territory
Bas Smets
1 April 2019, 18:00-20:00
Auditorium De Molen

Bas Smets will be giving a guest lecture after studio collaboration with MaHS-MaUSP students during a Forest Urbanism workshop.

Bas has a background in landscape architecture, civil engineering and architecture. He founded his office in Brussels in 2007 and has since constructed projects in more than 12 countries with his team of 17 architects and landscape architects.

Starting from a precise reading of the existing land, his projects reveal a landscape, visible but yet unseen. These projects vary in scale from territorial visions to infrastructural landscapes, from large parks to private gardens, from city centres to film sets. Each of these projects is considered as part of an encompassing research into the possible roles of landscape projects in a changing climate. The aim is to invent ‘augmented landscapes’, by using the logics of nature. These augmented landscapes create a more sustainable environment while producing exciting atmospheres for their visitors and inhabitants.

image: BBS214 Parvis St Gilles (copyright : Michiel De Cleene)