Duo-lecture Belgian Urbanisms Seminar
Frits Palmboom & Ward Verbakel
29 January 2019, 18:30-20:30
Aula De Molen, Kasteel Arenberg

Frits Palmboom - Lowland Urbanism

The Lowlands landscape is deeply influenced by the agency of delta dynamics upon the solid grounds of the northwest European continent. Contrasting patterns of lines and textures occur, creating specific conditions to processes of occupation and urbanisation, and offering different experiences of place and space. How to ‘read’ those landscapes, how to deal with those conditions and processes as a designer, operating in Flanders as well as in the Netherlands? Some recent projects, realisations and publications will be presented.

Ward Verbakel - Urban Gestures, small and medium in the urban design practice

Plusoffice architects partner Ward Verbakel will reflect on ten years of urban design practice in the Low Lands. While working in the often chaotic urbanized context of the dispersed Belgian territory, plusoffice has developed a transitional urbanism methodology that centers on small- and medium-scale interventions. The office has become known for their strategy plans for villages and small town redevelopment on the one hand, and the productive city debate on the other. Plusoffice combines design research and projects with policy, planning instruments and process design. Small interventions, temporary installations and medium-sized projects all sit under the category of urban gestures, questioning the efficacy of master planning in a context where urban agency is underdeveloped.