Confrontation and Collaboration: The Spatial Relationship of the University and The City
Ludwig Hansen, WITS University (South Africa)
29 January 2019, 10:45-11:30
Blue Auditorium, Castle Arenberg

The presentation will address the problem of university development and expansion from a developmental perspective; which spatial principles drive expansion; the methodologies for strategic growth; identifying stakeholders and encouraging them to contribute to the university’s growth; the relationship to the host city or location (spatial, economic, intellectual, and otherwise); and the fundamentals that can be applied to the development of universities within an urban context.

Universities often make decisions about the urban spaces that they occupy without considering where surrounding urban benefits might lie, generally applying normative spatial ideas principles without considering their own place-bound contextual realities and opportunities. The paper will present by way of universities within the South African context, how these institutions can act as potential developmental tools and as instrument of regeneration in gearing future urban developmental impulses. The younger and newer South African universities, and their engagement with their host-cities, could offer insights and principles to be applied in more established European university towns for example Leuven.