The Challenges facing Architecture in the Anthropocene
Leo Van Broeck
29 November 2018, 18:30-20:00
Auditorium Oude Molen - Castle Arenberg

Excessive land-use is today’s largest challenge. Overshoot, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change are the devastating consequences of human overpopulation and excessive exploitation of resources. Meeting the goals on CO2 emissions will not stop the extermination of biodiversity. The forces of the global market, driven by an illusive belief in eternal economic growth, are an unstoppable blender that grinds the green surface of the earth into a money machine focused on short-term profit. Flanders – and Belgium – are in a very precarious condition. Flanders has only 6% of its territory protected as nature, one of the lowest in Europe. Therefore, it is more than urgent not only to keep – but most of all to extend – the last remaining patches forest and high quality nature.