Shout it out event: Urban Andes
18 December 2018, 18:30
STUK auditorium, Leuven

On behalf of the URBAN ANDES team, we are delighted to invite you to our “Shout It Out” event on Tuesday 18th of December in the STUK Auditorium in Leuven. Contributions by Tullia Demetria Garcìa Leon (CEDAP), Benoit Legrand (ENABEL), Joris Scheers (P&D – KU Leuven), Kelly Shannon (OSA - KU Leuven) and the URBAN ANDES team (Viviana d’Auria, Bruno De Meulder, Margerita Macera, Ward Verbakel, Bram Willems) are foreseen.

The event will focus on urban resilience by reflecting on the hydric balance and urban development of Ayacucho, Peru. Indeed, in a number of contexts, urban hydric balances are increasingly compromised by means of abusive and extractive production processes. As well, the disturbance of larger ecologies creates fundamental social and environmental injustice. Climate change projections illustrate how the situation is bound to escalate worldwide if drastic measures are not taken. In this context, urbanism can contribute to restoring the balance between human settlements and context-specific sites by carefully orchestrating the relationships between urbanized space and natural resources.

We invite broad-based participation from all development sectors, interested practitioners and researchers, as well as environmentally conscious guests who are interested in learning more about the way in which alternative strategies can be developed and feasibly implemented.

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