Living Grounds
Henri Bava, Agence Ter
26 October 2018, 19:30-21:30
KANAL-Centre Pompidou.

The lecture by Henri Bava is the result of a collaboration between CIVA (Centre International de la Ville et de l'Architecture) and MaHS-MaUSP.

Henri Bava will present Agence Ter’s way of looking at the reality of a territory, of unraveling its geography, its history and toponymy. The landscape can form a valuable entry point for urban projects, at any scale. Today Agence Ter is working mainly on landscape and/or urban projects, in various contexts and countries.

Throughout the office’s projects, no matter what scale or nature, Henri Bava and his associates sharpen their concepts and project tools. By attempting to understand the territories and by distilling the invisible elements, the “implicit”, they start to define one base idea, which will orient the project in a precise direction and will be the guideline from which an imaginary can be constructed. “Living grounds” is a fundamental base idea for multiple projects of Agence Ter. In Barcelona a new park-square (Plaça de los Gloriés Catalanes) is investigating the different possibilities of the soil in the historic city centre, while in Los Angeles, the project of Pershing Square is based on the continuities of the ground surface and a renaturing of what is today a very mineral plaza. This canvas of a “living ground” allows for a diversity of uses.