IV World Urbanisms
29 June - 1 July 2017, 09:00-18:30
Kasteelpark Arenberg 1, 3001 Heverlee - Proclamatiezaal

The 4th World Urbanisms Seminar takes place on Thursday 29th, Friday 30th of June and Saturday 1st of July in the Arenberg Castle (Heverlee/Leuven). You are kindly invited to this event and we look forward to having you with us. MaHS/MaUSP cherishes this international seminar on contemporary urbanism as it is more and more becoming a crossroads between academia and practice, research and design, critique and project. Thesis and urban design studio work realized in MaHS/MaUSP, MIRA and IMA, as well as PhD research, postdoc projects, staff initiatives and alumni’s innovative practices will feed discussion on urbanisms in the world, while unfolding the world of urbanism as it deals, amongst others, with inclusion, exchange, ecology and resilience. An international panel of guest critics situates the presented work on, amongst others: Addis Abeba, L'Aquila, Berlin, Bogotà, Brussels, Cuenca, Gurgaon, Jakarta, Kathmandu, Mostar, Mumbai, Ontisha, São Paulo, Semarang, Toronto and the Yangtze River Delta – all within the eternal iterations between evolving challenges that our urban world faces and the re-orientations of urbanism.

live at:https://appear.in/kul_worldurbanisms


AM Urbanisms of Inclusions

09:00 Sao Paulo

09:15 Sao Paulo - Grajau

10:00 Sao Paulo – Capao Redondo

10:45 Sao Paulo – Bixiga

PM Landscape Urbanisms

13:00 Sao Paulo - Tamanduatei

14:00 Jakarta

14:30 Yangtze River Delta

18:00 Bogota


AM Urbanisms of Exchange

9:00 Addis Abeba

9:15 Ontisha

9:30 Berlin

10:00 Semarang

Urbanisms of Inclusion

10:30 Brussels - Anneessens

PM Parallel Sessions

Resilient Urbanisms

13:00 L'Áquila

13:30 Kathmandu - Reconstruction

14:00 Kathmandu, Bungamati & Khokona

Infrastructural Urbanisms

12:00 Toronto - Middle City Transition

12:15 Toronto - Avenues

14:30 Toronto - Suburbs

17:00 Toronto - Golden Mile


AM Urbanisms of Inclusion

09:00 Mumbai

09:30 Gurgaon

10:00 Mostar

Cartographies of Inclusion

11:00 Fielwork Primer: Intro

11:30 Sao Paulo

12:00 Cuenca

12:30 Voices from Practice