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Dirk van Peijpe
9 May 2017, 18:15-20:30
Instituut voor Mechanica. Room : C300 00.81 – Auditorium D

Dirk van Peijpe (1962) is founder and director of DE URBANISTEN. Dirk van Peijpe studied urban design and planning at the Academy for Architecture in Rotterdam, specializing in urban design. He worked for the municipality of Rotterdam as urban designer and landscape architect for a period of 15 years. He was involved in the redevelopment of the Rotterdam waterfront for more than ten years and working on development and design for major Rotterdam districts. As a landscape architect, he was also responsible for the design and realization of many major public spaces in Rotterdam along the Rotterdam waterfront and in the central business district.

With his office for urban design and landscape architecture DE URBANISTEN he focuses on the integration of systems of water, mobility and energy with the spatial design of the city to improve the quality of urban public space. His specialism is design on urban development and landscape related to climate adaptation and urban water management. He is an expert in connecting complex technical solutions to spatial potentials. He can envision spatial impacts and development possibilities related to climate resilience topics and the system approach needed to tackle these topics. He has a long experience in community involvement in his plans and projects.

Dirk van Peijpe is currently involved in the climate related transition of the cities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Gent (B) among other cities. He participated with DE URBANISTEN in the Dutch National Delta Program to advise on the relation between watersafety and spatial development and was responsible for the Climate Adaptation Strategy for Rotterdam. He is coordinating the project for climate adaptation in a central Rotterdam District of ZoHo and the realisation of a watersquare in the city of Tiel. He also was involved in the flood resilience design of the New York/New Jersey Region and in projects in Denmark (Roskilde, Middelfart, Ringsted, Copenhagen).

Instituut voor Mechanica
Celestijnenlaan 300
3001 Heverlee
Room : C300 00.81 – Auditorium D