Creating Additional Value through Combining Aesthetics and Function in Blue and Green Infrastructure
Gerhard Hauber
18 April 2017, 18:15-20:30
Instituut voor Mechanica. Room : C300 00.81 – Auditorium D

Gerhard Hauber has been practicing landscape architecture and planning for more than 20 years. Since 1998 he has specialized in international project management, having successfully led projects in the US, Great Britain, Australia, UAE and other countries.

The emphasis of his work extends beyond classical landscape architecture to urban space design and its integration into existing city structures. He has especially developed competences in innovative and strategic technologies for sustainable, resource productive design and which create life-supporting and aesthetic built environments.

Since October 2011 he sits on the expert commission for sustainable urban design for the German Association of Sustainable Building (LEED or BREEAM equivalent).

Instituut voor Mechanica
Celestijnenlaan 300
3001 Heverlee
Room : C300 00.81 – Auditorium D