Ten lessons from dynamic vibrant cities
Ariella Masboungi
3 December 2015, 19:00-21:00

In terms of urban design and urban strategies, the most dynamic cities do not appear to belong to a common classification, nor come from any one country. They do share, however, an amazing vitality -- most often in reaction to a violent crisis or threat. Other stimuli capable of generating ambitious visions and dynamic urban strategies often lie in the desire to increase the city’s economy and population, and to strengthen its competitive edge with respect to other national and international cities.Their successes teach us a few lessons that could help other cities succeed in their own renaissance, not forgetting of course that each city has to play in its own league and make the best use of it’s own unique identity.

Ariella Masboungi is an architect and urban planner. She is Inspector general for sustainable development for the French Ministry for Sustainability and was former President of the School of Architecture Marne la Vallée and Professor at the Institut Français d’urbanisme in Marne la Vallée. Ariella Masboungi is also Director and originator of the «Urban-project Workshops Program». Writer and editor of the “Projet Urbain collection”, as well as other publications like Energy is the core subject of urban strategies, Cities and Cars, Projets urbains en France/urban strategies, Bilbao, thinking the city though culture, Birmingham private public partnerships, Urban projects in the crisis period in Lisbon,. Masboungi is Director of the Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme as well as director of the books published every year portraying the winners and which include Portzamparc, Reichen, Siza, Cuillier, Lion, Mangin, Ascher, Théry, Desvigne, Grether, Viganò, Bonnet, Penot among many others.

STUK Auditorium