City Nature
Rasmus Astrup
13 November 2015, 18:30-20:30
Auditorium De Molen

What is the meaning of nature, when half the population lives in cities? To create the livable city a strong team with a multidisciplinary approach is required, including architecture, economics, engineering, sociology, history, plant knowledge and climate change adaptation. SLA believes that future urban spaces are multifunctional, but they are first and foremost created for people. As the conference will illustrate, the goal is to create the most valuable urban spaces by formulating a new type of City Nature. An Urban Nature of high biodiversity, great aesthetic power and many different functional properties - from rainfall management and climate change adaptation to protection against urban heat islands and shielding of buildings and infrastructure to wind and weather. But first and foremost an Urban Nature, that creates the best environment for the users of the city.

Rasmus Astrup is Partner at SLA A/S ( and responsible for the majority of the studio’s international projects. Through his experience in some of Scandinavia’s largest and most innovative landscape projects, Rasmus has become one of the country’s leading specialists in landscape architectural sustainability and urban climate change adaptation. An expertise he is successfully bringing to the Middle East. Rasmus is responsible for some of today’s most forward-looking landscape projects in regards to sustainability, climate adaptability and circuit design. From Novo Nordisk’s large new corporate headquarters park with 100 percent water balance, and the revolutionary new Green Solution House on Bornholm with fully climate-adaptive outdoor spaces, to the invention of sustainable urban furniture such as Denmark’s first cradle-2-cradle lamppost for use in sustainable development projects.