Redesigning Paris Zoological Park
Mikael Mugnier
6 November 2015, 18:30
Auditorium De Molen

A new structure and identity through landscape

Transforming the Paris Zoological Park means transforming an iconic and historic place into a new ambitious, dense and complex program. This process was the opportunity to question how to define space and landscape in a zoological park. In this very specific project we have developed most of the recurrent problematics encountered in landscape design: relation to context and history, perspective depth and view, rhythm, use, sense… In this project, all these classical themes were pushed further. Because beyond assuring a zoological program, the main request was to create a full immersion into a unified landscape expressing different environments representing five continents.

Mikael Mugnier is a landscape architect, graduated from the Versailles National School of Landscape and Architecture. Senior Project Manager at the Atelier Jacqueline Osty & Associates, he designed several projects of public parks and urban spaces. He managed all the different phases concerning the Zoo's restoration and design, from the initial competition to final delivery.