Mapping San Siro
Francesca Cognetti
16 November 2015, 16:30
Cultural Centre Cité Culture

Mapping San Siro is a hybrid planning/teaching project, a live lab for sharing knowledge between academia and a large public housing neighborhood. The Lab aims to understand the complexity of the local context by means of three tools: multiple-sources observatory, participatory mapping and scenario building. This set of tools relies on local knowledge and expertise to build alternative representations of the territory, fed by different viewpoints related to the practices of everyday life. This approach aspires to (re-) activate ‘hidden territories’ – spaces and practices that are positioned at the border of the official forms of city planning.

Francesca Cognetti is Assistant Professor of Territorial and Urban Analysis at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Faculty of Architecture and Society of the Politecnico di Milano. Besides teaching on urban policies, her main contributions to research and consultancy include: forms of living the contemporary city with particular reference to issues of public housing, social housing and social inequalities; the role of the university in the city and in the contemporary society, with particular reference to the skills and attitudes that characterize the academic institution as a new urban actor; the organization of social practices and the interaction between actors in the city government. She has furthered her exploration by means of action-research experiences, with specific attention to participatory planning, informal practices of urban production and critical mapping forms. Her interest in questions of participation and the interaction with social actors has lead her to develop a complex set of approaches and methodological tools for enquiry-based fieldwork, which she has tested in different contexts.