Being Territorial: Different Geographies of Public Housing
Sandra Parvu
6 October 2015, 18:30
Auditorium De Molen

Through discussion of the history of three neighborhoods, two in the Paris suburbs, and one in East Los Angeles, this contribution will discuss how the construction of public housing is closely related to the interweaving of administrative, natural, and infrastructural boundaries. This mode of conceiving and visualizing the territory will be questioned, and the recent production of atlases by landscape architects will be reflected upon as an alternative approach.

Sandra Parvu is member of Faculty at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Val de Seine. Her doctoral research on affordable housing and French postwar urbanism was published in a book titled Grands ensembles en situation: Journal de bord de quatre chantiers (Metispresses, 2011). Parvu’s current book project takes an anthropological approach to landscape design practices, its visual culture, and its contribution to urban transformation.